Corel DESIGNER® Technical Suite 12 Now Available


Corel DESIGNER® Technical Suite 12, the world's most complete and affordable technical graphics suite, is now available worldwide in English, French, and German.

Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12 is designed specifically for technical illustrators in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, defense, landscaping, and apparel. Ideal for creating technical documentation, instructional manuals, and maintenance references, the suite lets technical illustrators work with exceptional precision and speed, ultimately enabling them to be more productive.

Offering superior ease of use, Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12 includes: Corel DESIGNER 12 for precise technical illustration and layout; Corel PHOTO-PAINT® 12 for professional image editing; CorelTRACE™ 12 to convert bitmaps and legacy paper documents into vector graphics; and Corel CAPTURE™ 12 to create screen captures, an integral component of many technical documents. This integrated collection of software gives value-conscious customers a powerful collection of tools at a price lower than what other vendors charge for a single application.

Chosen by companies including Mercury Marine, Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12 offers high-end benefits that have never before been available in an affordable technical illustration package. These include: professional, specialized precision drawing capabilities including the new Projected Drawing Mode; the ability to maximize data integrity by offering more than 75 import export filters including AutoCAD 2004, CGM and SVG; a customizable and scriptable environment; powerful language support including Unicode; as well as access to industry-standard templates and symbols.

"With tools like advanced Call-Outs and the new Projected Drawing, Corel's DESIGNER Technical Suite 12 is ideally suited to the technical illustrator's workflow needs," said Dr. Jon Peddie, of Tiburon, CA-based Jon Peddie Research. "Combined with a robust image editing application, this cost-effective suite is like no other on the market."

"With Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12, we're providing a professional technical graphics suite that offers power and benefits that simply aren't available in any other software package. With customized illustration tools and professional photo-editing all in one suite, Corel is giving technical illustrators everything they need to quickly get their job done with exceptional precision," said Nick Davies, Corel's General Manager Graphics. "From content creation, through to the review and publishing process, Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12 lets technical illustrators simplify their workflow and work faster than ever before."

Pricing and Availability
Starting today, Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12 is available to customers worldwide through Corel and its reseller partners. Suggested retail pricing (US) for Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12 is $699 for full product and $299 for the upgrade. A $99 education license is also available to qualified customers.

Upgrade pricing is open to customers who own the following software applications: Corel DESIGNER versions 9 and 10, Micrografx DESIGNER (any version), Micrografx/iGrafx® Business, Micrografx/iGrafx® FlowCharter®, Micrografx Picture Publisher®, Microsoft Visio®, Autodesk AutoCAD LT®, and ACD™/Deneba™ Canvas™.

For more information about Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12, or to download a free, fully functional trial version, please visit

Nice, Corel is developing good. Even though I still think they need to shape up and restructure their company. They own to big powerful applications in their hands (CorelDraw & Painter) yet they're not achieving their full potential.

corel blows

Any reason for your remark? Or just your personal humble opinion?

Corel blows Adobe for real. I got nothing about Corel and i havent used it ( except Corel Painter ), but i prefer a super coctail of Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop ;)

Its all about preference. Both makers of the software provide the same thing. I feel more comfortable with CorelDraw and Photoshop and the fact they're created by two separate companies who are in competition with each other makes my job harder. I have to export my vectors and take then into Photoshop and lose out big time...

Use illustrator, it's pretty easy to use !