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Want to put this topic on the table. It is clear how to create a web-sop, but how the credit cards are being proceeded ? Just like : i am the owner of web-sop, what should i do, when a person have putten an order on mine product ? How do i proceed his order, where should i go with that credit card ?

don think it is some kind of fraud crap, but soon i am releasing mine software and i have to decide between a billing system or creating a processing credit cards myself ? Before i make a decission i want to know about web-sop processing.

Thanks in advance.

Web-sop? What do you mean? Web Shop?

There are a variety of ways to go about this. If you want the visitors to remain on your website while conducting their order (secure SSL system) then you must pay to have your own payment gateway to the credit card processors. This usually costs a lot of cash.

Alternatively you can have a third party handle your payment processing but they do charge a fee. This can be a percentage (5%) of each transaction, a flat rate fee ($2.5) per transaction or a flat rate per month ($100). Usually with these services there are setup fees to join them and you have to comit for a long term.

You seem to be increasingly thinking business. I suggest you get yourself signed up to this is what the site is about :)

This list should help you:

If you find any more you are welcome to add to it.

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