Commence Battle

Its been a while since we turned this place into a gfx warzone. So lets begin. From past experience I've noticed the more rules you have the more complicated the battle and the earlier it ends.

This is destined to be a long battle. Lets make it stretch a few years.

- width=500px | height=300px
- Only allowed to add ONE single element. Make sure its ONLY ONE element.
- It could be anything from photos, textures, shapes to filters.
- You can reply with as many entries as you want however you cannot enter 2 or more consecutive replies. Once you reply you must wait for another person to reply then you will have another chance.
- You cannot secure a place after a reply, it is your job to do your reply quick and upload before another person replies and mess up your entry.
- State the round on your post so I can add it to the filename!

Example: If you add a single line you cant add another line. If you use the pen tool you cant use the bucket tool.

The idea is simple, these entries all include a single element. This means if you add them into a moving animation they would create a smooth flowing movie frame by frame with frame tweening.

You can either use the Attachment System or you may upload your reply using any of these free image upload sites:

I'll get your image uploaded on GfxDiary's server once posted.

Round 1:
I'll go first with a white canavas and a black line:

I dont get it, what da heck do you want to do lol ? :)


The idea is simple, these entries all include a single element. This means if you add them into a moving animation they would create a smooth flowing movie frame by frame with frame tweening.

Every few months I'll generate a movie of the battle so everyone can see how it develops. Since everyone is allowed one element it'll make it a nice smooth animation :)

Hurry.. open Photoshop and wip a reply quickly. It only takes a few secs - thats the whole idea.

It gonna turn into a big damn mess.

I don't get it either!... We are making a frame each? For a SMOOTH? animation?

Oh, hang on, I think I do get it. So if i was to make say the letter "I", in a big, bold, black font, then your line would tween to my "I" then say my eye would tween to Red's triangle, for example. ???. So this means, nice, full, many-colour images is not possible because its not a shape?

Its possible to do that, but I was just thinking a simple overlay just lay the entries side by side and press play and watch the battle develop. Tweening can be done though where the shapes morph into the next frame but that will take a longer time.

I wouldnt say letter by letter, but element by element. So you can enter a full text or paragraph if you wanted. I could have made a full border in my entry above since Im only using the Pen Tool without letting go of it! But if you guys think its too simple then we could limit it to using one tool instead of one element?

Well I don't know a lot about flash. But am I correct in assuming that tweening is only possible with an element (shape) with a distinct edge to it... Seems to me this is more suited to vector than raster work right? Not bad idea, but not in my interests.
What would be nice though is if it was "raster" entries, like a regular ps battle. Then take each entry and animate by changing the alpha transparent of each one from 100% to 0%, so it blends in and out from each one.

That adds more time and requires people to sit down and wip something in a vector/raster enabled application. I wanted to get some design around here so theres something to see and not just read ;)

The entries will simply be taken to ImageReady and layed out into frames with a simple Overlay Tween effect so people can see how the battle develops. So obviously if you make big changes in each reply this animation will be less smooth. Thats why I have enforced a single tool/element restriction.

Come on, less talk more replies - I wanna see if this works out, i wanna test with a good 10/20 replies :D

Just copy the above pic, take it to photoshop (or another app) and use one tool to play with it (not too much). And post your results back here.