New Fashion on Wallpapers

Heh check diz out people, this a new fasion on notebooks wallpapers :)

And no it is not a Mac's new technology :)

Damn thats freaky, is this a webcam on the back of the laptop screen capturing the pics? Or just somebody with too much time on their hand?

Just people with too much time :) Really cool idea, i think like doing one wallpaper for mine desktop.

I think i'll stick to my current Ms. BioALIEN wallpaper. :)

I wanna get back to making wallpapers. I miss those times.

Oh that wallpaper is ... awful ... :)

RedD wrote:

Oh that wallpaper is ... awful ... :)

I've made a few, you havnt even seen it, i never made it public. ;)

Ofcource it is always like that, a n*gga doing a wallpaper with pretty chick and dont show it to anybody :D

OH wow - that is so cool! I'm gunna give it a go now. Thanks Red.

Hehhe show us the results Xeo. I may have to wip a reply. My digi cam havnt seen action in a while ;)

Well I really did this v.quickly. It doesn’t even line up correctly. HEHE, anyway:

...Shame I have such a shitty monitor, I spend money on pc. Will get monitor next :)

Lol blue monitor looks really funny :) Nice work with the taskbar !

My desktop is full of icons. Some have been there for a months without being touched. I always have so many things open that i forget Windows comes with a desktop! :oops:

Nice work Xeophex, TFT monitor, why be ashamed of it?

From that angle you can't notice, but it is a CRT. Ashamed...becasuse its a 17" piece of crap :P I want a nice 19" LCT (TFT)!

:shock: I never noticed.

You know what, my friend has a 21" CRT, and its so so so huge. Its like a big box (mini house) on his desk. Always make fun of him when he's in danger he hides in the monitor. :lol:

TFT prices are cheap nowadays - plus you have ebay :)

Yea you have ebay and many russian guys who post a product and ask for a full pre-pay before they send you anything ;) they even give you order paper scans, delivery firm documents and other stuff ... but in the end you stay without any stuff ... i have designed my own algorithms of screwing up people like this and sold them for a good ammount of money, so be prepared for a 100 % secure method to screw you up like a girl ;)

Damn, good thing i dont have ebay yet. But doesnt ebay have User Ratings? This would tell you if somebody is trust worthy or not?

They just sign up a new account after each bad rating - Get new cards etc. This is why I would never buy anything over £50 in value on ebay.

Everything is more complicated than Xeo said. They create a real ebay account using real credit card ( btw bio i was asking a credit card from you not for this, i wanted them to create a paypal account to sell my software !), than 10 power buyers inactive accounts (1000 feedbacks) are being purchased ( each that account costs 25 $ with e-mail acess and 17 $ without e-mail account ) and then start selling stuff, buying stuff with this bought buyer accounts and giving their account many feedbacks. Than after 1 week of training an account many auctions being dropped.

There is also the way to buy power seller accounts ( 2000+ feedbacks) selling products with them. Each power seller account costs 50 $.

I dont give much respect to those people, since they sometimes drop something like this " Please send the money via Wire on this account, i am selling this product, because my wife got into a car acccident and she was pregnant and we need money really quick, please help us " ...

Yeah I know what you mean RedD :? I've experienced this from a few people on the net. Purchased my vBulletin license from somebody and 2 months later caught him trying to sell the same license to somebody else.

When I bought it from him at the time I asked him why he's selling it and guess what his answer was?

My wife is pregnant and expecting a baby soon so I have to get rid of all my websites

Thats when my spider sense kicked in and knew this is all rubbish. But oh well, at least my license is secure now!

I guess it is all about ethics stuff people, i am happy to be raised half on the streets and half at home with friendly family and i have learnt the ethics rules. I was offered to join one of this ebay screwers group and they were offering me 30 000 a month, but god damn ... i cant lie to people things like that, since GOD will return all this lie into reality and damn i want a happy future than suffering with many money, since money dont make us happy.

The funniest thing about my situation is I put the guy under pressure. I asked him how many months pregnant and is it a boy/girl :lol:

RedD you done the right thing!