Curious Labs Releases Poser 6

The latest version of this 3D human figure software tool for artists, illustrators, graphic designers and animators, is available for Windows and OS X.

New in 6 are the James and Jessi figures, complete with photorealistic textures, morph sets and articulated hands and feet. Also included are the Ben and Kate children figures, LaRoo 2 and the hero figures AlphaMan and BetaBoy. New libraries of content include additional poses, hair, clothing and accessories.

Improvements have been made to how Poser lights scenes. With the addition of image-based lighting, 3D scenes can now be lit using a photograph or image map, providing better integration for figures and objects within their environment. In the same vein, the new ambient occlusion ability provides global illumination-like effects and photorealistic soft shadows. Improved Flash output and cartoon outline renderding effects also improve output flexibility. Version 6 also sports a new user interface.

Curious Labs is offering a Special Edition of Poser 6, which combines the core application with an additional Winter Queen Figure Pack and Shade 7 designer LE, providing Poser integration with PoserFusion. The Poser 6 Special Edition is priced at $269 and available in limited quantities. After the Special Edition offer expires, Poser 6 for Macintosh and Windows will be available for $249 from the Curious Labs site.