The world in dummies eyes

Hahah this guy is a real genius, that did that.

Check it out !!!

It confused the hell out of me at first. I didnt know what the purpose or anything. Then i started looking at the placements of the countries and their artifacts.. its all messed up. :?

I think they need to be a bit more clear on what the site is? Simply throwing a map there.. and nothing must other than:

2005/02/19 Map updated.
2005/02/07 Map updated.
2004/11/30 Map updated.
2004/09/23 Map updated.
2004/07/14 Map updated.
2004/06/03 Map updated.
2004/05/07 Map updated.
2004/04/12 Map updated.
2004/03/22 Map updated.
2004/03/01 Map updated.
2004/02/23 Map updated.
2004/02/14 Map updated.
2004/02/10 "Fool's world map" has started.

Well i figured it out, after lookign on european side where Austria was named an Australia ... the real existing fact ! If you ever been to Austria they sell t-shirts with words like " We are not australia and dont have kangaroo's " muahahahah ...

Haha – that’s quite funny. A nicely done pixel illustration too.

Yeah I have to admit, this must have takes a long long time. I cant stand pixel art, too much time to waste on those bloody dots :x

BioALIEN wrote:

Yeah I have to admit, this must have takes a long long time. I cant stand pixel art, too much time to waste on those bloody dots :x

I like looking at it, I wouln't like making it though.

PixelArt is for crazy people ! For me PixelArt is something like Fishing or having sex and not come to the end ;)

RedD, thats two very different and conflicting examples there :? Whats fishing and sex got to do with pixel art :lol:

Sometimes you make me worry!

LoL much man ! Sex - try not finish it and go to work. How would you feel ? Yea just like that ;) Fishing is all the same, sit near the lake and wait for a dumb fish to catch your worm. Can wait for many hours without any result ... How do you feel ? Yea just like that ;) Pixel art - You sit their putting pixel into pixel, spend hours and days of work and how do you feel in the end ? Just like - What da heck am i doing, pixel art is a last century technology and i am spending so many hours on it !

Also there was a good say in movie SwordFish with John Travolta, recommend you to watch this movie !

I seen that movie, don't remember him mentioning pixel art :P
I think I get what your saying about fishing. But, having sex - trying not to finish it and go to work?... hmm wtf? o_0

Yeah seen SwordFish, good movie they need to make a sequel:idea:

Um.. why not finish it? I'd get up damn early and make sure its fully finished before going to work :lol: 8)

omg you will never understand ...