Ong Bak - The movie

I was searching around Google to make fun of my friend called David Ong (one of my uni friends) and I came accross this DVD cover called Ong Bak.

Anyway so here we are months and months making fun of him till one day i decided to check out what this Ong Bak film was. As i was searching I came accross a trailer for it:

And OMG look at that - this guy is incredible. A good match for Bruce Lee no? From my search i also learned there was NO studio trickery or wires or anything as such. Just like Jackie Chan this guy is real and legit.

Im trying hard get my hands on this movie. I've read nothing but good reviews on it. Anybody seen it?

Alright I've now seen the movie (thanks to noxcel for a small chat behind the scenes).

Hmm if they say this really didnt have any studio tricks or wires (which cant be true since there is a shot of the guy's eye going into flames in the final sequences). This guy is like the Thai Jackie Chan - great skills and agility. Walking on people? :?

Some of the best martial arts i've seen 8) But the story is a little rubbish, but never mind that. Recommend it to all!

Hehe i am addicted to Kung-Fu, i am just crazy about that. I remmber how me and my hommie were 14 years old, watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies, repeating the tricks on ourselves with all the jumps and kicks, then repeating them on our street fights with numerous p*nks hahaha ... good ol times hehe i miss them ... gonna watch this movie, when i reach Prague, with my hommie hahaha ...

Ive seen the movie too ... the story is crap (just smash the damn head, i dont give a shit :P).
The guys moves were really cool, but i think it was preduced as a B-quality film, cuz i dont see any good special effects. Its like a Jean-Claude Van Damme, nice fighting, stupid story and almost none special effects. Luckely it was better than a general JCvD movie though.

Ong Bak: 7.5/10

Its a low budget film, they were just lucky they had a good martial arts actor?

But then again, they had car chases (if you can call those cars), huge statues, torn apart an entire club and more.. so im not really sure. Hehe either way, its worth the watching!