OMG there are some sick people in this world.

Im not sure if this guy is 100% insane or a genious. Take a look and let me know what YOU think of this matter:

:? to make matters worse PayPal has shutdown this person's account because some animal rights activists launched a campign against him. But the fact is.. its 100% legal and within the law.

Heres another site about it:

That guy is just crazy ! But also very smart :) Hehehe smart as* mother f*cker hehehehee ...

He-he-he-he!!! :) I wounder who'll give him money?

They have already given him 18 000 !!

They gave him so much that paypal suspended his account. Even though he NEVER violated their Terms and Conditions. They just suck this proves it - thats not "cool" on their behalf they should respect their members not just follow what people say.

The owner is now waiting to join another credit card company to handle payment. Have you guys seen the hate mail section? "PTA can lick my balls" hahahah they're the people who made PayPal shut his account.

PayPal is a bunch of nerds.

To be honest, although I hate the fact its about supposed “cruelty”, it is a bloody good idea, for that I give some respect to the guy.
BioALIEN wrote:

I’m not sure if this guy is 100% insane or a genious.

I’d have to go with genius. He probably won’t get the rabbit killed anyway, and its probably looked after a whole lot more than some kids keep rabbits, (having made him $18k). Just a scam taking advantage of gullible people who are willing to give their money away. I think it humours that, its unlikely he has or is going to be “cruel” to it. I have no problem with it what so ever. I had a good laugh reading the hate mail too.

Heheh somehow I can tell this guy loves this rabbit. But when I look at the gallery and see him talking about the rabbit "help please get me out of this pot" makes me have second thoughts :lol:

He definatly is a semi-genious, definatly read the law and checked out some terms/conditions etc. However, after searching around a little I found something:

So maybe he's not so unique afterall! But the site is shooting through the roof with a top 5000 site on the net ranking :shock:

The fact is that ide ais old like the world, there are always good people, who are willing to give 10 $. My friend was dojng money like that for 2 years. Doing a website of like a dieing child and that he needs money for a doctor, so he was asking people to send him any money they can, showing pics of a child he was making so much, that is ridng on BMW X5 now, so this theme is true, depends on what ethics thoughts you have ...

Emotional blackmail - its a dangerous game! I can guarantee you there will be a law that forbid this on the internet soon. My gut feeling is that regular "extortion" will be expanded to such cases. Its very hard to draw a fine line. Thats like saying "if you dont give me money im going to smash MY car's window in". Typical answer would be "be my guest". But animal lovers will try get heroic and give us a good show :)

30 June, i better see some nice ending to this story. Whether that means his chosen rabbit receipe or a good cheque :lol:

I'm not sure if anyone else has checked it since Bio's post but he's now changed the deadline to 6th November 2006. I suspect it's an ingenius scam and when he realised he wouldn't get enough cash by the 30th July, he bumped up the date.

haha, well he won't kill or get the flippin rabbit killed anyway. He prob loves it to bits (no doubt I would had it got me THAT rich :P) and as I said before in a previous post; "its probably looked after a whole lot more than some kids keep rabbits". Extending the date is just taking the piss even more. Not that I care - I have no sympathy to the gullible idiots that donate anyway.

All this idea sounds very funny to me. I wounder is there anyone who gave him money? For 10$ I will kill this rabbit myself :lol:

Loads of ppl have given him money. Hes got rich on it.

Im almost sure that the balance meter is just a fake. Everyone with a higher iq than 15 should understand that giving him money would only result in more of these hostage situations :p

*grin* :p just add random like 3-12 dollar a day :p and ur done ;)

Well it seems our friend Toby has been given a life extension till Thanksgiving 2006: