Birthday Party ?

Hehe soon is comming mine 19'th birthday date ( 21'st of MArch is somebody didnt know ) and i am wondering like " How do i celebrate it ? " ... last days i got fed up with b-day parties, that alcohol, drugs and women ... got any suggestions ? oh well i wont look sucha looser if i wont celebrate it at all ?

I need real help peoplez ...

Honestly, bdays become a normal thing for me. Whats weird is that friends make a big deal out of it.. and end up dragging me out clubbing and then restaurant and then this and that.

I saw on the GfxDiary calenday about your birthday a week ago but didnt know when it was :P

Happy birthday man.. Red's getting old.. i can see wrinkles on your face ;)
Just have a good day you dont have to throw big parties or anything. Walking around with a big smile on your face is enough to brighten your day :D

Hehe same here, i dont like b-day parties anymore ... dunno why :)

As always... Hanging out with frns in some cool place... he-he

cool place is " Doctor - club " lol ?

I would go for dinner somewhere nice.. then head over to a club or watch a movie or something. Just make sure theres a nice cake there or else someone is getting hurt! :twisted:

The funnies sh*t is that i have univercity from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. non-stop the day i have b-day, so i will hardly ever can pick up my as* to go somewhere ... hehe maybe i am gonna call some lady and soem romantic dinner, also the option ;)