Hey everyone I am not sure if your remember me still but i am calipso the owner and creator of impulse-fusion.com but there where some shutdowns on the server for the site and so i ended it and started with


Subound is an kind of an awkward to everyone but it is a graphic site and i have worked really hard on the total design ( still more updating and such)

There are contests (contests will be enable when reached high amount of members)

+ S.O.T.W> Signature of the week
+ S.C.T.W> Show case of the week

The site has allot of content such as brushes, templates, patterns and much much more.

So everyone please register on the forums and post away :D
i really hope you enjoy the site and forums :D

C&C is appreciated

Site: subound.com
Forums: subound.com/forum

If i am affiliate with you please take down Impulse-Fusion's Button

Great work, I can see you've worked hard on it. Fast and smooth so even the server seems to be good :)

One suggestion would be to make the link on the menu to the forum load on the same page. The forum is still part of your site and I see no reason for a new browser window link.

Keep up the good work. 3.5/5 the forum design needs to flow with the site a bit more!

I drop that total car amp stereo design and just started over and i think i did a way better job this time please tell me what you think :yes:

OK guys i decide to go with another design for subound.com and i think this one is way better and the best iv done in a hi tech catagory. As for the old one im going to put it up for downloads. Please tell me what you think. D


I prefere your old design to be honest. However, this version seems more technical in terms of scripts and tweaks.

A tip would be to rework the interface, that grey glow effect on the white doesnt suit very good. Study metalic interfaces there are many of them on the net. A simple google search will point you in the right direction :arrow: