Free Time

I was woundering what u guys do except design work. Maybe some hobbies, sports, work...

Heh my everyday is always like that : morning - univercity, day (from 13:00) - meetings with partners, different firms and stuff, the closer to evening ( 17-18 ) going to my moms flat, havign dinner, chillin and stuff .. evening (21) moving to my flat and then variously watching some tv or work on pc, 3 times a week meeting up with my friends in the bar (also can be called meeting up with some ladies there :D ) .. 2 times a week i go to gym ...

Depending on how many deadlines I have, you can either find me in lectures, labs or my room. Its freezing cold outside so I dont tend to walk around unless I have some business to take care of.

Sadly, I havnt been going gym lately - never find the time for it :(

Hobbies? Well other than the new FS layout, im working on another urban layout for a friend. But I spend most of my time either listening to music in my room and chilling or just surfing and reading webmaster related stuff, hosting, servers, programming.. the usual boring stuff I guess!

What about non computer occupations or for example favorite games (computer) maybe?

BlaZe why are you asking this ? :)

BlaZe wrote:

What about non computer occupations or for example favorite games (computer) maybe?

Non computer like computer games? Hehe you're asking something then contradicting yourself later :lol:

Um.. im part of the chinese foolball team at my uni - though i havent been playing lately cos its too freezing :?

Other than that, its badminton and gym for me. :)
What about you? Stop asking questions and start answering some ;) :arrow:


chinese foolball team

Man you dont wear Tv-Shirts with dragons or pants with ones already ? Seems like you got addicted to asian people :)

Yea BlaZe bring some info here.

2RedD: just curious...
2Bio: chinese football? wtf?
No, really I am just curios, very interesting what people do in their free time. Cause for example In my free time I play Starcraft in the, and wasting a lot of time on it. Maybe I need to do something usefull but i am soooo lazy... Want to know if I the only designer who wastes so much time... :) It becomes booring to create this web-sites, wallpapers, etc. I need some huge International project to take part in... maybe we could create such? Something real, REAL big! ;)

Hey as a designer speaking.. deep down a feel like i retired already :P Look at Biomutation its rusting. The only things i do to keep myself motivated is wip out something fresh here and there, either by interface layouts on GD or FS or other projects. Just making one tiny little change or getting a complex functionality done is enough to keep me happy for the rest of the week.

Gfx is something thats unstable. You do it because its nice and you enjoy it. But as with everything else in life, you realise its a waste of time and its not fun anymore as your life gets busy and you have less free time. You start playing computer games and looking for other ways to waste time instead of doing gfx. Luckily, GfxDiary is an expendable site. The day i decide to retire from the gfx scene fully, we can turn this site into a designer's diary (hence the name) where you guys can write blogs and comments on your personal life, and upload artwork to show or any other mess you make during your free time (whether game screenshots or whatever).

As for why i play with the chinese football team... well this is the story. My best friend in highschool was chinese. Made me join the London Chinese Community Centre and from there i got to know a few people. But you know how asians are sociable and stick together.. one day you know one.. a week later you know 100 :shock:

Now at uni i live in a flat shared with 13 people.
8 of those 13 are chinese
2 are black
2 are arabs
1 is an ALIEN :twisted:

The people i study with on my course are asians, for some weird reason over 50% of my uni are asian students. So now you can understand my situation better. Also why FS is mostly asians since its invitations based :)

I would play football with black people but you all know they like their basketball better and im not VERY tall like noxcel to be good at that! I would play badminton but those chinese mofos woop my a** they're too good. So football is the only way i can play them and make them look... stupid :lol:

Hehehe Bio, that's an interesting life... So many new faces everyday... :)
Now I'll speak about GD:
1) My opinion: GD was much more alive before closing, so it needs in advertisement very much.
2) My suggestion: Need some contests so that designers could not only talk here...


Need some contests so that designers could not only talk here

If only the contests offers some material prize ! Then it will be a bomb.

Prize is not that I wan't... Of course it will be great if the winner get for e. GD t-shirt or pen with some winning seal...

No serios designer will take part in this competition, you will get a bunch of "Sim" clones.

I will take part :)

No Commento ;)

The thing about a contest is you need a time frame. Its a fact that almost everyone will leave it till the end to produce something because everyone wants to see what the others produce before they start working on an entry.

To be honest, I would rather the members share the design/web knowledge they have by writing tutorials and techniques to help other less fortunate people out there. That section needs to be filled with all sorts of tips and techniques.

I would do it myself, but its hard when my hours are limited with uni studies. And unfortunatly GD is not the only site Im looking after. The BioGame project is now kicking with some life force, FS is relaunched, WMT is freshly born. And worst of all, Thomas is very busy with studies he hardly has time to touch any code anymore. Sean (our new GfxUnit member) is busy working on an urban project for music lovers. Do you see my position? Now you must wonder why I havent decided to just hang up and retire GfxDiary since its not as successful as some of our other projects. Well, its simple, im loyal to the site that put me where I am today :)

Met all of you guys here, and also came accross Thomas right on this site!