Michael Jackson Trial

What do you make of all this Michael Jackson trial and court ongoings?

I've just read about it here, apparently he's $300 million dollars in debt?

Surely the big MJ king of pop holder of the highest record selling album and song is rich enough to stay out of debt. The report says he'll be bankrupt by December 2005 :shock:



Originally posted by BBC News

The teenage boy who has accused Michael Jackson of sex abuse has admitted telling a former teacher he had never been molested by the US singer.

Fifteen-year-old Gavin Arvizo returned to the stand for cross-examination by Mr Jackson's lawyers on Monday.

Last week the court in Santa Maria, California, heard the boy's account of how the alleged abuse took place.

The singer, who denies all charges, was in court for the first time since his late arrival last week with back pain.

During intensive cross-examination by Mr Jackson's lead lawyer Thomas Mesereau, Gavin conceded he had told a former teacher that nothing inappropriate had happened between him and the singer.

Damn it looks more and more like a big scam and that MJ may indeed is innocent. Not making any assumptions - only time will tell the outcome. Heres a log of all the events of the trial so far:

I read something about Michael Jackson's wife is going to testify. Either way MJ seems to be going to prison. Did I miss something? I thought he was innocent and the whole case against him was a big scam?

Well I guess this case is now over. Michael Jackson was indeed found NOT GUILTY! All of this was a waste of time and money and overall an inviasion of privacy not to mention raiding his land and personal belongings, bank accounts, and everything else he has.