Coach Carter

Hello young Sirs :lol:

"Sir is a sign of respect! I shall refer to you as sir, and you shall refer to me as sir."

Damn what can i say about Coach Carter. Its a good movie I have to say. I know that tall mofo noxcel is reading this and smiling :wink:

It had some bits too clieche typical predictable happenings but the overall movie was good. Sammuel L. Jackson doing what he does best. Those kind of roles suit him.

Not like Deeb Blue Sea where he gets eaten up half way through a speech :?

The funniest bit in the movie is that mexican kid ending up telling him what he's most scared of in life :lol: that made me crack up so much. From the gangster gun swinging wannabie to a .. psychology expert? :roll:

For those who havnt seen it or heard of it, its a basket ball sport related movie. A coach teaching a rubbish team and they end up successful with lots of things happening in between. Highly recommended :arrow:

Hehe heard of the movies from banner adds on every hip-hop related website :) Bu still didnt give it a try, since well it is a "dream movie", something called "american life is like that" movie, so doubt i will see it, if only my homie wont bring a CD :)