Game, Nas and Jada to dizz 50 cent.

Yea people give me a big beef and i will buy those CD"s ;)

The hustle around 50 is getting hot like situation in Hells Kitchen. As we know there was a gunshots in clubs Hot97's entrance and it all was about 50 vs Game. So the round 2 comming up and Game + Nas + Jadakiss are recording a dizz on 50 which will be produced by Cool&Dre ( the main beatmaker of Fat Joe ). Also Shyne will add some strokes to the mastepiece.

The most shoking rumour going around is that Eminem and Dre want to break a contract with 50, caus eof his behaviour and source also mentions, that 50 dont like the contract himself and the promotion of his new album.

Dunno why but i might take 50's side, cause it is an old scene 1 against many, which is really interesting, just like 2pac against the world ;)

You know what.. i have a strange feeling man. This is all choreographed and set up.

Dre takes Game comes from nowhere.. makes him work with 50Cent.. makes 50cent "help" Game do an album. Now they're enemies and gonna go make records to diss each other.

Do i smell something funny? This is more lame than USA's war with Iraq over OIL *cough cough* ops i mean "terrorism"!

Hehe well 50 really out of control dissing everything walking and his pressure on Nas, Ja, Fat are serious, atleast it looks like that. I dont think Aftermath/Shady Records will break contract with 50 cause this news sounds really stupid !! btw Dee did you check the latest album ? The Masacre from 50 ?

I've listened to some tracks but not all. Theres one track on there that makes me laugh. Its like COPY/PASTE of his Magic Stick track recorded a few years ago :lol:

Which one ? Must admit Magic Stick was an ok track :)

Yeah i know.. thats why i realised straight away it was a replica of this track... the track im talking about is Candy Shop :lol: