50 cent vs The Game

Good read.. lots of details there :o

I like Game's style.. he's open minded cos he's still a n00b artist in terms of record sales. So he'll record with anybody so long as it sells. But it seems Dre is now "focusing" more on Game than 50 cent - I wonder what Eminem has to say about this. Didnt talk about him much!

I dont like Game to rap about West in East style ! the first thing i dont like in him and second, he dont really show much potential in his lyrics and i dont think he will become the real king of West Coast, i mean yea his sales will be good, but ermm he cant be compared to any West legend atm !!! Maybe in few years ...

Looks like their "beef" and public stunt didnt work out. So they "decided" to call it truce. :lol:


Yea already read about, such a foolish PR .