Finest in kazan !

ZD family released CD of like finest rappers ... check it out and tell me what you think about the level of our rap ...

ZD family? Is this russian? I dont have speakers in this computer lab so I cant check the file right now.

Yea ZD Family = Zloj Duh Family = Evil Spirit Family ;)

Damn, its alright you know.. im impressed. Even though i have no idea what they're saying.

How do we know this is RAP? It could be POP for all we know hehe:lol:

For what they rap can be cosidered as "gangsta" stuff, but mostly about younger years, when everybody in our city is busting in/with gangs. The beats can be good, but the rhytme sometimes is weak ...

It depends on the people listening. I sometimes like beats not too bothered about the lyrics.. so long as they dont ruin the beat overall :P

Hehe cant say i follow the same formula, but sometimes the music beats what the rapper sings.