50 Dizzes everybody ...

As we all know, 50's new album is already in internet ! Haha the way to go ...

So everybody heard the "Piggy Bank" track and here what he got :

first he dizzes Fat Joe and Jadakiss :


That fat n*gga thought 'Lean Back' was 'In Da Club'
My sh*t sold 11 mil, his sh*t was a dud
Jada, don't f*ck with me if you want to eat
'Cause I'll do your little as* like Jay did Mobb Deep.

then Kelis and Nas:


Kelis says her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard
Then Nas went and tattooed the b*tch on his arm.

in the end he asks for reaction :


You gotta so do something
C'mon, man, everybody's listening

The first reaction will be from Fat Joe in his new album "All Or Nothing" that will be released the same day 50's Masacre will be released.

Well 50 is playing really dirty and dizzes everybody possibly thinking he is a master of todays hip-hop.

the only good songs on 50s album were produced by eminem, and one track by dre. other 18 songs sucked!

Still the sales will boost !

Which is why he's resorting to dirty tacktics and dissing everybody so it can get even more publicity and people would buy it.

Sorry i dont think it'll work! Eminem already tried it and look at him now.. singing like a typical pop band with his D12 :?