USA gonna strike Iran in june.

Iran is Doomed (from what side to judge). United States of America gonna strike Iran in june of this year. Exactly like that Scott Rither (ex executive inspector of U.N.O.) said in his interview to newspaper " Al-Halidg".

Concerning to Rither's information, Bush already took a decission to attack Iran in 24'th of October 2004. Also ex-executive is not suprised that official USA goverment denies existance of this plans. Like Rither says it just proves, that the preparations are already being made. Exactly like that Bush was preparing to the war in Iraq "Plans to strike Iraq were approved in august of 2002 (!!!!) thou the autumn of same year Bush's representatives claimed, that military ways of dealing with Iraq problem stand on second place after political. "

Rither is sure, that USA wont stop, cause there are no facts proving that Iran has atom weapon or plans to create one. USA will strike the atom areas of Iran, no matter if they are used for purpose of getting energy or for purpose of makign a weapon. And this will be done not just for making sure there wont be any atom weapon in outter world, no ... Mission in Iran is just another part in USA's plan of " changing the Close East region " ... Concerning that plan USA will change the rulling goverment in IRaq, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

USA plan to strike Iran from the sky, hoping to cause political problems among it's citizens.

Well well you just cant see me to realise how mad i am. I just wonder how da hell on earth noone can kill this mother f*cker ?! It costs 100 million $ to kill a leading person and with so many money rolling in Saudi Arabia they cant buy a killer to finish this Hitler 2? There are definately people that can do it for free, just having the proper tools ! Why USA killed Kenedy, who tryed to make everything possible to make this green planet more peaceful, and leave Bush alive? OR maybe i am blind and american people really want to dominate the world ? It can sound real concerning the election results in USA.

I can see the future of all this and it is World War 3. Simple, USA will hardly dominate the Close East and take control of almost biggest oil providing countries, the countries they will conquere will be flamed by terrorists strikes, real citizens death, starvation and death. The USA will surely attack Korea, since it left the consocrium and now produce the atom weapons, still China and other countries, try to handell them and try to make them change their mind. BUt what i got to say, Korea is the country that will kick USA badly and i am more than sure the atom bombs will be used ! That will cause different coalitions to form together and possible Russia will be the country against USA, since USA is already putting sticks into our "bike", abusing the elections in close to Russia republics and regions (Ukraine and etc.) and what i am more sure, support the terrorists attacking our country (lets remember the report of USA ... in which they clearly stated Russia will suffer more and more from terrorists attacks ... ) and i wont be surprised if UK is connected to it.

Just like Nastradamus wrote the 3'rd World War will start from East, so lets say we are doomed to particepate in future Global War.

Like 2pac said " They got money for war, but cant feed the pour" .

And like Ice Cube said " The best thing in life is life", so why we just cant live peacefuly since hate always comes back in triple ammount, so if 2day you do somethign bad, you will suffer triply more later. Why we stupid monkeys cant live the spiritual life, forget about all that money, blinking things problems, why cant we unite together to live with Peace and Love, share a bread between white and black, yellow or red ? american or arabian ?

Life is such a shit and i feel ashamed to live in the times, when people kill each other for things, that will destroy our planet. And what more i feel ashamed to be among that st*pid crowd of nothing-loving monkeys targered to do anything to get paper, that dont mean anything at all. What you gonan do, when you will die ? Give this money to the God ? The Heavens gates are not for sale and everybody looks the same in our creators eyes. I know there are many people, who dont believe in God and you got rights for that, since sience of monkeys using only max 15 % of their brains power said that world got created from vacuum ( how da hell on earth they could prove that ? why does vacuum dont explode nowadays ? nothign is being created of nothing ) ....

God gave us the best gift, the gift to live, why do we waste it on fake priorities ?

Today in Russia we are celebrating (23'th of February) The Day of Protector of the Country and we been sitting enjoing the meal, so dad said the speech and my sis joked like " what a protector he is lol " and mom said like " if the war will start he gonna protect us " ... and i thought like "yea right", but now i guess i know that i will ....

Yours Red.D

I totally agree with the sentiments brought here.

This guy is really twisted, how much money and oil does he want? What's his design? I cant figure him out.. :?

Is he just trying to be a pure cowboy and just rolling with the times trying to create a name for himself? We all know he's co president of an oil company. We all know he has loads of shares in other major oil companies. And we sure as hell know his family members run this and other oil businesses too.

Part of me tells me USA is trying to segregate the Middle East because if these countries unite together for a common cause (which i dont see why they dont as they follow similar religion, language, culture and beliefs) then not even the two superpowers combined can break this unity. This strikes FEAR in USA because at the end of the day, they depend on these countries for their precious OIL! :x

Lets see where they end up with Iran, cos since their decade long war with iraq from 1970s till 1980s they've gained a lot of millitary experience and its obvious, if the fight isnt fair then there will be dirty tacktics employed. Its common sense!

Finally i'd like to add that if UK does join this one sided party then i am truly ashamed and speechless!