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Umm sorry -takes his glasses, makes a serious face, as serious as he can do -

Will Smith Dizzes Eminem

Everybody knows, that Willie never swears in his rhytmes and got authority of a Mr. Nice Guy . So when mr. Eminem started with his single "Real Slim Shady" he hardly punished Willie in his rhytme. Well mr. Nice is back with some reply, he recorded a track "Mr. Nice Guy" in which he (as the people who heard the track say) hardly punishes Em. The track will be released on his new cd "Lost and Found" ...

Muahahahahhahahahahahahrrrr .... khe ...khe ... thats dope lol i wanna hear how Mr. W*cky Smith will dizz Em, he is so useless that even such a "super" individual as Chino XL dizzes him in each his rhytme (Chino likes to dizz famous people, lets not forget that Chino started that stuff that 2pac was -censored, i cant write- in jail) ... I can even imagine how Em will ride him in his reply lol ....

XXL journal announced the Rebirth of WestCoast

Well Em and mr. Dre promote Game really hard hehe, but since he is not only west coast rapper nowadays (lets not forget Snoopy) they mention Snoopy also ... As a respect to olders they also post some text about Eazy-E and nothign about Lil-Eazy...

well well amigos, mi gordino puerto machito in du chuanito bernardo ... dont mention this stuff i wrote, it dont have any meaning :D

Well lets say the rebirth of West Coast will start in distant future i even cant imagine when. Since Game is weak, being dragged by powerful giant Dr.Dre he got really bad material. What comes to Snoopy, his time is falling behind, since he is not that Snoopy he was in 1993, he changed, he became more POP and who can call him a dedicated to West if he raps with Master P ( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) a mooing cow.

Rockers from Tulsa finished Game

Guys from Missisipi - 3 Doors Down raced to the first chart place and finished Game, who got only 160 000 album sales this mounth. Muahahahaha people listened to Game, everybody got their opinion, that he is aint a West Coast king, he is another G-G-G-G-Girl Unit pop-star.

Well thats all friendz , my suggestion : listen to old skool west coast rap and people will respect you, dont listen to Usher or Alicia Keys and their track "My B00000" and ermm i want to give some shoutouts to my hommies, family and friends :

Mommy, Daddy and Sista i love you,
Alina b*atch i wont buy you that necklace,
All my hommies from Kazan say " wohooooo",
My hommie Roman we gonna be rich hommie,
AK creator thank you very much,
Rustem a.k.a. BlaZe KEEP it real hommie you are releast soujha,
***** thanks for giving me 20 000 $ !!!!

Thats it ;)

:o who gave you $20,000? Have you been playing monopoly again? :twisted:

I dont really want Will Smith to be dragged down to this childish game where he gets dissed and he has to diss back with his music. Music is supposed to be a personal creativity, you dont go around making wallpapers to diss your friends if you're a designer. Thats just immature. Stick to the main focus and work on your own goals and visions its not about what he says she says about you. In terms of the people listening to this.. its just another biggie/2pac which resulted to both ending up DEAD. When will people learn?

Anyway, back on track.. nice to see you and BlaZe so close.. i told you.. you would make a good team from the very start 8)

Well dizzing is the way to show your expression, show what you think about people. It comes from the word "disrespect", so if a person is really arogant and keep doing same mistakes, he has to be putten on his place.
I dont think Ice Cube can be called a kid, when he beefed with Eazy-E (for those who dont know, whenthey both been in N.W.A. and Ice was writing almost all tha rhytmes, Eazy screwed him with money) or when WestSide Connection ( Ice Cube, Mack 10 and W.C. ) dizzed back on Cypress Hill track.
What comes to 2pac and Biggie they became victims of 2 people, Suge Knight and Puff Daddy, who been enemies, before even 2pac or Biggie came to the scene. Well placed phrase can make good friends enemies. But 2pac dizzed Biggie cause 2pac thought bBiggie stole his tyle and i wanna tell you it was a real situation. I gave one guy all 2pac CD"s and he been listenning to them for a week. Then i gave him Biggie and he said " Damn they been learning from same master ?" ... Since Biggie appeared later, then we can easily state he copyed 2pac style. Though i got no hate to Biggie, since he did nice mainstream, but 2pac was more underground, more rebelious, so if you drive in car or chill with hommies - 2pac, pump up the party ? - biggie ...

What comes to me dissing somebody, i still got that track hardly dissing you and Elf and Thomas, Sith, Art from BlaZes crew, Vit Group and everything walking and breathing. But since i got no hate anymore to most of the list, i am not going to release it. :) Lets say i've grown up and i deal with problems personally face-to-face.

LOVE or HATE dont choose, they live together like Life and Death.

:) damn man.. you've changed. This isnt the RedDragon that once surfed these boards looking for trouble! Glad to hear it, and im sure one day we'll listen to that track (if its in english) and laugh our heads off. But dont laugh when ELF or Sith makes a comeback reply.. or even worse.. Thomas "programs" an application to reply for us all. hehehe :twisted:

Well maybe cause i dont listen yo crazy Break Beat anymore and stick with rap mostly or some chill music or trip-hop hehe...or maybe cause i dont drink so much anymore ...