Getting in touch with the old school!

Been busy with uni work lately.. sleepless nights doing assignments and things. So to get my mind off them i got dragged into my friend's place and started playing a 4 person old school games.

Man.. those olden days had some of the funniest looking and functioning games, i was laughing my head off. First there was this weird wrestling game which didnt even have a title, i happened to choose a character who doesnt even fight.. he just danced in the ring doing that Chris Tucker move from Rush Hour wahahah :shock:

Then we moved on to Fifa 98 for the snes but multiplayer and it was so slow, its literally like playing slow motion.

Then we couldnt stand it anymore and moved up to some modern gameplay with Xmen - damn that game is addictive. I was controlling Storm.. kicking (electricuting) major bee.hind! :twisted:

Managed to create a PS2 Game demo as part of my university assignment. It was so much work and guess what it turned out like?

You the player is a red rectangle on the screen which can move left, right, up, down, diagonally through the control pad. There is just a black background, and two characters birds-eye-view walking around the screen.

All this took a day to make, but its so damn annoying working on the PS2 Development Kit :x I managed to crash the playstation 2 which i was working on. Total memory/hdisk failure, I guess my game turned into a virus - but it did stop my progress quiet badly! Overall, its very difficult creating games on the PS2, im amazed how game developers manage to create those high poly count games. Its not the code, its the amount of testing and crashes they must have endured to get their game complete!