Cinema 4D Updated!

Maxon company lately announced a new update to their great 3d programm. This time Cinema 4d got 50 more features and tools. Also they changed the interface, materials systems and file transfer updates. As we know it supported AfterEffects, Combustion and Final Cut Pro, but now another great programm is being supported - Apple Motion and programm for computer architecture Allpan 2005.

All Cinema 4d users can download the update for free from here.

Wow great news, i'll throw this in the homepage news :)

50 features? These guys have definatly been busy!

Man this news costs 50 more points ! :)

We got rid of the points system on GfxDiary. The post count is the new "points" system ;) This is easier for us to regulate spamming. Not sure if this is what you mean by your post above.

Back to topic, anybody tried this release of Cinema4D? I'd like to hear your feedback.

There is little 3d modellers here man and all of them use 3ds max :)

RedD have you checked out I was impressed :) and the great thing about it is its free and opensource.

Well i knew about it for some time , ELF dropped me this info, yea cool tool, thou you wont count on the market, since it is not a market standart !

Obviously because its FREE! Nothing free can become market standard :S look at Linux for example. All it take is one studio to use it and be famous (after making a movie, or a game, or something along these lines) and it will be market standard no doubt :)

We are back to Linux theme again hehe... Linux is already a market standart of online security system, being installed on many dedicated servers and servers also. But it will never become an entertainment or design standart until they do something serious about it. Rarely a good tool is being released for Linux ! Apple and Microsoft is the way it will go ....