Suge spreads the truth ...

Ay yo peoplez Red.D is back with some stuff to read and some of those is really a bomb !

Suge to spread the truth (from his latest interview)

First of the beast himself :

Now closer to body baby. Well in his interview he says something between 2pac and Snoop, when 2pac was still alive.

SugeKnight wrote:

I remember after MTV Awards Snoop appeared on one N.Y. radio show, where he told that he dont give a mommy about all the bullsh*t about east and west. Like 2pac started that and he dont care a doze about the case. Snoop said that he will record with any person from N.Y. - let it Puffy or Biggie. When Pac heard this on radio he was really mad on Snoop. He said something like " I was covering as* of this muthaf*cka during the ilming of "New York, New York". Some people shot his trailer. And now he says he is ready to be with my enemies !!! ". It all came out with a dizz on Snoop from 2pac. 2pac rerecorded his track "Hit Em Up" but this time it was totally about Snoop. Ofcource i didnt release the track, it is still in the studio.

And something else about Snoop's lieing side.

SugeKnight wrote:

Snoops word can never be stated as truth, no matter what he says it will always be a lie. Imagine, when his woman was pregnant he said he will call his child "Pac", but after all the case in Vegas the stuff ended and it never happened.

Somethign about WEST vs east ( yea peoplez [="yellow']WEST SIDE[/] !!! )

SugeKnight wrote:

Thou you cant say there was no WEST vs east. It aint like that. Jay-Z came and recoreded with Dre thinking that Dre is a real street nigga, but everybody on the streets knows it aint so at all

About Dre

SugeKnight wrote:

I got no negativity to Dre and i wasnt spoiling rumours about him being gay and stuff, since it was EAzy-E and some others, who started this.

About fake-as*-n*ggaz

SugeKnight wrote:

When i am in jail, those fakes keep releasing their touching "oh baby baby" stuff and talk sh*t about me in each interview. Thou they call to jail asking , when i get released, cause they are afraid that i will start some revenge cases around.

Well Everything can be stated as truth, since i dont see why Suge should lie to the public, especially about Snoop. What i can say Snoop wasnt right at all if it really happened. I know there are a lot of hataz, who will blame Suge or 2pac and the whole West Coast, showing off with their wakie party-music and rich guys, who sing about cash and money only and dont care about politics and situation in the world, only sing everyday truth like " i had to feed my son ". Thats why none of todays rappers will stay in history : 50 cent, G-Unit, Nelly, Chingy, Ludacris, Kanye West and etc .... I miss the days, when we could hear N.W.A. or old solo records of Ice Cube, Public Enemy, 2pac vs politics and fake n*ggaz. Todays rap game became so corporate, that even white boys from rich famillies listen to it driving around the Kremlevski Street (our rich guys studying point ) in their expensive cars and feeling like gangstas, like they stack cash, but in reality their daddy works hard to make his son become a bit wiser than a frog. And that kids argue about who's better 2pac or Biggie, even not knowing their ex-names (i know one person here, who is one of them) ....

Damn i came to hard to this topic, i post a news about Jay later, when i will cool down.

Hehehe its not our fault they have so many multiple alias. I bet even you dont know how many 2pac and biggie names they went through throughout their career.

About Suge, i dont care what anybody says. He's one scary dangerous guy. He had 2pac and other artists working for him out of FEAR! 2pac couldnt even shake off his contract with Death Row cos he was afraid something will happen to him. :?

P.s. Interesting interview, im keen on getting hold of that unreleased remix of Hit Em Up :twisted:

Man i know everything, concerning rappers i listen to.

What about Tupac being afraid to break the contract, everybody knows that " it is better to break projects with italiano vendetta, then break a contract with DeathRow " ... the fact 2pac didnt break the contract is not the fact he was afraid, he kept it kicking with the only real street gangsta label ...


i dont care what anybody says

oh thanks for saying it finally ! you finally said the truth, so when you will learn to listen to anybodys opinion, we will discuss anything you want ...

huh? RedD its a figure of speech! Common with english speaking people. ;)