Valentines Day Layouts

Just wondering how many are intending to rework their layouts or spice it up for valentines day or did something about Chinese New Year?

Personally, I've just finished adding the final touches to for a little bit of "valentines day" spices on FS which will be relaunched soon. This time I hope it will handle the 20,000+ users stampeeding all over it :roll:

Also wipped out an old valentines tag for to give people the impression the site is upto date hehehe we all know its been like that for over 2 years now :shock:

The day is not worth redoing a layout for it, since it is just one day !

well, its usually a week! Some sites tend to leave it there for another week after valentines day too, so it could stretch to two weeks.

It really depends. Im not talking about a total layout change, but just simple things, like logo change or background change.

I was planning to redo my layout for valentines day but I've got too many other things to worry about. Damn coursework!