Same Vulnerability in all browsers...

One security group (dont remember the name) lately announced, that all today browsers (IE is the only one, that is not among them hehe) like Opera, FireFox, Safari and etc. have the same vulnerability, that allows hackers to target people to wrong websites. The problem is that, they dont see difference between (o's removed with zeros) and, so dont click links, enter them yourself hehe, the only suggestion.

What do you mean, you're not very clear here.

They dont recognise 0 and O (number zero and letter o) :?:

Is that an actual vulnerability or is this intentional :?

It is the real vulnerability in all browsers, except IE. So like check diz out. You visited some website and the guy got link on his website to M$ website, but he did it funnier and the actual adress in his link is, but those browsers will see it like !!!

So he caneasily register and do the same design, but install some sh*t on ya PC or something worse ;)