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Some news from me, i mentioned and decided worth mentioning.

Ras Kass disses Game, but says it wasnt a diss

Well Ras Kass says he didnt diss Game in his track "Caution", but it is clear that it is dedicated to Game.


Fools is acting like they what I always was
West Coast lyricist with East Coast love
you was made to run
get a thousand tattoos and won't raise your gun
so when you get merked I'ma raise your son
Ras is a son of a beeyatch, you the son of a coward
your pops went to jail got f*cked in the shower.

Well we can easily state it is dedicated to Game, since game is the one west coast rapper who raps with east coast flow.

The Games Problems

Few days ago some people shot the hq of Games label and as a fact the sales of his album Documentary turned out to be x2 less then last week sales. What i want to say, is that Game got this "popularity" cause Dre and Em + 50 promoted it like it is a new N.W.A.. Lets wait for a release of Lil Eazy - son of legendary Compton rapper Eazy-E member of N.W.A.

Suge Knight arrested

He got arrested for abusing the rules of court for an earlier release of him from jail.

Saturday night police stoped his Ford and found marijuana in his car, also the girl he was riding with - 18 y.o. Aleksis.U. , had fake i.d's, so she got arrested also.

Nelly is a redneck

Nelly was invited on the festival of " Texas rodeo Stars" . The funny fact is that only country singers perfom on this show, so everybody knows whats Nelly is = Hip-POp star.

R&B singer Houston takes his eye off

Well it is an old news, but i decided to post, since i am posting this ;)

So the guy took his eye off, after not suceeding to jump off a tall bulding, when his guard saved him. The guy hates the world for the way it is, hates it all gettin commercial, well he got totally insane, so did take off his eye ( oMG) ...

Thats it,

Wow thanks for the news man. Because of you, im always aware of whats up with the music (rap/hiphop/rnb) industy 8)

Suge Knight :? he only got released recently. Whats wrong with that guy, he needs to control himself.

Huston :o :shock: omg i'll go read up on it in more detail!

You are welcome ;)

I just read the Houston Incident fully now. Damn, that kid has gone mental. Spiritual stress? What kind of rubbish is that?

He is in the music business, trying to take on RnB and HipHop artists. You bet there will be all kind of stress.

Here is a quote from his former managers i read on MTV.com

"The kid still lives where he lives when we met him — in a two-bedroom apartment with four other people," Rankin said. "They spent all the kid's money."

The way i see it, his parents robbed his money!

Well sad fact, but he didnt show his powerful side, since life is kicks and punches, so if ya cant stand a hit and fall, you will keep falling much more ... so for me every shit happens is a test to make me more powerful .... the fact that his parents spent all of his money possibly was the worst hit he recieved ...

pretty good rap i love listening and reading lyrics i go to the city a few times a week for new CDs and always looking for more