13 Updates for ya Windows XP

Ok on the 8'th of February you will be able to download 13 patches for Windows, to mention the fact : 9 of them are stated as critical. Other bulletins affect Microsoft SharePoint Service, Microsoft Office & Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET framework, Windows Media Player and the companies IM software; MSN Messenger.

news from : www.neowin.net

About Sp2 security, russian pro's been testing it out and found the great hole in system protection. Since there are no possible solutions Positive Technologies rleeased their own patch-mini-programm PTmsHORP. It is really important to have it since otherwise hackers can write information to system memory (1010 bites sized), excute any code and pass your DEP (Data Execution Protection).

Every xp user downlaod this programm from here. Size 21 kb.

I was just about to install it. But its all in russian, i cant understand what the hell im clicking. Since this is such an important critical fix, i'd rather not mess up my pc and install anything. Firewall and antivirus should cover me for now till win2005.

Lol and what do you expect from Windows 2005 ? It will be same unprotected as any Windows ermmm...

Nah from what i learnt MS is ashamed with the way Windows XP has performed. It cost them a lot of time money and effort. They shifted many of their win2005 developers to work on this bloody SP2 to fix up this buggy operating system. Their next generation windows will be built with a new concept. Based on new code, and using new technology standards.

Basically a whole different ball game - lets hope they've learnt from their mistakes. Windows Update will play a big major role this time to fix everything once and for all. Im sure of it. If they know they'll release semi working apps, they're sure to make the patching/updating process very powerful to ensure they dont mess up again :roll:

Even MS cant afford disasters and shameful errors. Especialyl when Linux is catching up at such a fast pace. I've been using Linux Fedora and DAMN im impressed. It seems to look like Win2005 - same grey corporate colours with really nice icons. The only problem is.. not many apps work for linux compared to windows.

Linux is something, that can be called "Crap" ... had it on my sis notebook, before i installed XP.

From what i have learnt not matter what happens Windows will always be number one OS on users PC's. Many know Linux is more protected and what ? Does everybody use it ? answer is no ... OS from mac will be available for those rich people who can afford mac, but the funny game dont stop here, since it requires a good mac for a proper work ... So what we got ? Windows .... oh yea just to remind you, MS said Xp will be something unique concerning security before it's release ... yea it is less 'holed' then 98 lol and with a nicer interface.

Preach homie preach 8)

Let it all out :twisted:

I guess MS gives to many promises i jsut cant understand, why da hell they release one windows after other ? Why not advance the OS as other companies do ? and why each product becomes same hole as previous ones, until we see SP3 atleast ? i just cant believe they can take the best programmers to work on them ...

The problem is not MS. Its the community. Any software as popular as Windows will be like this. Because many many users will come in contact with it. From hackers to programmers to industry professionals to ordinary home users.

The result is that these users try things, and eventually write small programs/viruses to damage the way Windows works. MS is doing a stable job to fix every attack it learns about. This is the reason why so many updates come and go.

But to be honest, with Linux, it seems instead of people writing viruses for it, they're working together to make it stronger :?