Shyne and Fat Joe

Not long time ago Shyne was moved to N.Y. jail - Rikers Island. So many guests rushed to meet him.

Among them mr. president of Def Jam Jay Z, was trying to convience him not to break the contract with Def Jam.

The next person, who visited him was Fat Joe and it wasnt just for talking hehe. They perfomed on the scene of jails music hall. Terror Squad also particepated in little perfomance.

Shyne did the above tracks : "Bad Boy Anthem", "Confessions Remix" of Usher and "I Changed My Mind" Keyshia Cole.
Then Fat and Terror broke the scene with some street life tracks and few club hits, their perfomance ended with the track "Lean Back".
After that the most interesting happened, Shyne dissed 50 cent using the beats of Ja Rule from Ja's track "New York" . The diss was called " For the Record". Seems like noone in the jail liked 50, so there was no hustle.

Hahah damn even though this guy is in prison he seems to be loved by everyone. I cant believe how he's still making music even though he's in jail :?

Way to go hehe.

Yea people show him much love, maybe cause he is a symbol of what and how people should behave.

:? symbol of how they should behave? What shoot random people in a club? No way man, i'll pass. hehe

More then sure they were not random man ... and that case smells like my sport shoes ... another person definately dont deserve any respect, this guy does.