Bush vs Bloods and Crips

I guess even every dog in Europe knows that Bush been perfoming with his "Plans of Country" document. The speech took him around 53 minutes and in it he touched the crime problems and his plan is to Fight Bloods and Crips.

The funny fact is that he is going to fight them using the stupidiest and lamest method i can even imagine. He gonna support church organisations, that put a hope in poor blocks. OMG ! Like it will ever help ? He will save like 10 souls with that. When black people are starving and still dont have any rights if they are not rich. A young gun cant go to McDonalds and work, cause he is too rough looking to server there and even if he gets there, what he earns ? Little coins to hardly survive each day. White people, who rule the USA nation only know, that close schools in poor blocks, cause noone puts a foundation in them like "Why waste time and money on doomed ? " .... He says he gonna help church organisations to give people hope, but tell me please a hope in what ? A bright future ? How they can change there future if goverment dont support them at all ?

My point is that wont come out to anything good, until goverment starts doing serious moves in support of pour blocks.

Damn my country is all the same, say it gonna help pour, but it dont do anything. Small kids, whose parents are drinking, just because goverment cant give them a work, walk around at the age of 11 and do crime. Sell crack, sniff glue, kill each other for shity 100 rubles (around 4 dollars !!!). Imagine a 11 girl to cut the older mans throat with the bottle just for 4 dollars ! and it is a real situation.

We are dooomed ... humanity definately deserves to be destroyed ... until we learn to love each other, respect peoples life, dont aim the whole life on money making, save our souls from sins of humanity like drinking or doing drugs ... and the main disturber is surely USA, who teach other countries the way democracy should look, look for lame excusses to attack a poor country to make it a hell for any living person , kill thousands of it's citizens for tons of oil, sucking of which cause the planet destruction, earthquakes, polar ices melting ... heard the news ? if we wont stop our actions, polar ices will melt and make a lot of terriroty to drawn in waters, destroy the forests and animals ... imagine the terriroty wars if it will happen ?


Nothing will change, till global warming affects this small island called UK ;)

Then USA will have no choice but to take action!

Btw, black people dont really like Bush. They voted against him in the election, but thanks to his "tactics" and recounting the votes and cheating, he's still in power. :shock:

The funniest fact, that Bush thinks his country is an example of democracy, but they faked the election in Ukraine !

I have a feeling they're gonna fake the elections in Iraq. Whoever comes to power, need to be somebody weak and loves up the west so they can continue to milk the oil like nobody's business.

Well people make mistakes and sad fact we never learn on our mistakes.