Sakura Test Lab

Still in development, but this is the idea....

There is a problem with it's size, so best to view at 1024x768 and half opened explorer window.

:lol: Damn.. this is so weird.. i was sketching this same thing earlier this week while i was in the lecture.

Wanted to create a flash wallpaper for a certain girl on valentines day ;)

What a weird surprise. Anyway, very nice - i've seen it done before on a few flash sites. You gonna add any bg music? And what else you intend to do to the scene?

My concept was about the falling leaves/sakura flowers. Each one is an actual photo with its own individual comments. Overall something simple and nice.

Hehe well anyway i am in mind-freezed situatin, i am out of ideas ... BlaZe trys to bring some ...

Maybe you could make the petals/leaves hit the water and then float on top of the water and off screen. Or even stay there but floating from side to side.