Snoop to be sued for raping.

Maquilladora who been working with Snoop during his filming in tv-show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" sends a sue case to court against Snoop and his 4 friends, that he and his company first made her drunk and smoked and then raped.

Like maquilladora says that next morning she have told everything to her relatives, but they didnt support her idea of going to police, since everybody knows that Snoop is deeply connected to Crisps and that he could send an assasian.

So the maquilladora is trying to sue around 25 million dollars from him and also the president of ABC, tv-show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and Walt Disney Company. Due to her lawyers the raping caused many mental problems and that she even been to a psychiatrist in septmber 2003 (the raping happened on the 2003 ).

Meanwhile the victim is telling all the truth she knows to Mass Media, such as that during the filming of the show Snoop been doing cocaine really hard.

Well the case is familliar to 2pac's case in 1994 if i am not mistaken. That day 2pac didnt not rape the girl, but some guys from Outlawz and some other black fellas snapped throught her tiny holes. So she sued 2pac and well he got into jail.

Could this be true? Theres something called DNA testing. ;)

It will prove whether its snoop or not. As with your comments on 2pac and the 1994 trial, i guess he was convicted because he was guilty? Nobody is imprisoned till they find out the person is guilty or not. Thats how the system works.

Man just to remind you, someone is in jail for Puffy, when Puff was really guilty and the guy just didnt get much cover from BadBoys lawyers, cause they were protecting him ... system is stupid, it all about the money ... and 2pac wasnt guilty ...

Someone in jail for Puffy? Thats true, but only because he follows in P. Diddy's circles.

At the end of the day, Shyne is the one who pulled the trigger and Shyne is the one who got put in prison. You take responsibilities for your actions. You shot two people, you get convicted for it. Whether you're helping a friend or saving the world - it doesnt matter.

If anything should be counted, its the fact that Puffy is clever to have such loyal friends who would do such thing for him.