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Well this day they are all about my fav artists : Tupac and Wu-Tang Clan ;)

MOvie "Tupac:Resurrection" was nominated on Oscar !!! The film that was released on 2003 (and i still cant get it in RUSSIA :( ) tells us about Tupacs life, how hard the game is, about his death and all the stuff, that each fan or beginning rapper want to know/see ... if somebody got this movie, i will pay for DHL transfer of it on CD-R ...

This news is all about a book called "Wu-Tang : Manual" written by legendary producer and rapper RZA (member of Wu-Tang Clan)....

The book will tell us the whole idea of all that Wu-Tang learning. Book will have 4 volumes, each of those will have 9 chapters ( 36 chambers ).

First volume will tell us the basics of Wu learning and explain the meaning and way of all 9 members of the clan ( RZA, GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, U-God, Inspectah Deck and Masta Killa).

Second volume tells us 9 main themes of Wu universe :

Faith part ( the analize of different faiths from ancient to todays).

Martial Arts ( from praying of kung-fu movies to real kung-fu learning )

Capitalism : Story of Wu, how they got the deal, that allowed all members to record solo albums, all about Wu-Tang Record, Wu-Wear and Shaolin Style Playstation.

Comics: the way comics influenced the Wu lyrics and total analize of such masterpieces as Nine Rings of Wu-Tang.

Chess : the importance of chess for Wu as game and as a global metaphor.

Organised Crime : the common parts between Wu-Family and real mafia.

Movies : Movies about Kung-Fu and Mafia. And a part for legendary film makers as John Wu, Dgarmush, Tarantino.

Chemistry : jokes and short stires of Wu's chemistry try-out's ;)

Slang : vocabluary of Wu slang.

Third Volume

Contents 9 lyrics of Wu-Tang supa hits such as "Protect Ya Neck", "Bring Da Ruckus", "C.R.E.A.M.", "Triumph", "Hellz Wind Staff", "Impossible", "Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)", "Uzi (Pinky Ring)" and "Rules."

Fourth Volume

RZA conversates about the power and beauty of Hip-Hop.

Samples : the unique way of RZA on doing samples !!!! (a wow)

Technology : technologies that allowed RZA to do a music he is doing for the whoel Clan.

Meaning of Wu lyrics : the meaning and what it means and trys to tell.

Voices and tools : the composition of 9 wu members and their companionship as a big tool.

Skill of Rhytming :how the Wu lyrics a re being built, how and what's :) written by RZA and U-God.

Live Perfomances : All important live shows of Wu-Tang Clan.

Master : About RZa path of a master of whoel clan.

Human Resources : how to manage solo carriers of each member.

Saga to be continued : About future of Wu-Tang Clan.

DAMN that a MUST book, will find it, no matter what it will cost me :D

Damn sounds really cool. I thought Redman was part of the Wu too :? I guess i was wrong.

Have you seen the documentary of Wu-Tang? They showed most of the stuff you mentioned for Volum 2! 8)

you're quite the reporter aren't you :p, keep on the news, I like it, quite interesting;)