Murder Inc. bosses being arrested, Madonna sues DRE.

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Check it out :

Tell me somethign about that,

Interesting news, you should change career to a journalist. Just make sure you dont type unless you're 100% concious ;)

I hope madonna dont win, 15 mill is a lot of money and i dont think she's worth it.
Ashanti and Ja Rule are over hyped. Maybe they should join G-Unit and become one big happy family wahaha

Yeah Jay-Z's word is officially NON SENSE! Just like the empty air that comes out of Beyonce once she starts talking. That girl is just as bad as him :?

Hehe maybe maybe :D

Well Madonna is really worth 2 Dre's. She is a Quuen of Pop and one of the little ammount of pop perfomacers i can easily listen to and not kill my speakers !

Well Ja was invited to G-Unit by 50 few days ago :) But funny thing was the reply of Ja " -beep- 50 " hehehehe. What comes to Ashanti, 50 already invited some girl to G-Unit, dont remember her name, but he claims her to beat all todays r&b singers of both female and male gender ;)

Beyonce is sexy thou :) Like one my friend said "The less brains a girl has, the deeper ya dongy goes throught her mounth " :D muahahah