Lets make a "little" list, you can add some if you want, i be adding them, as soon as i be listenning to new CD's (hehe funny, funny i know :) since i listen to rap dated until 1998, expect Snoop ) :

Kanye West
Master P
Lil' Romeo

The list will be updated, as soon i will find any other clown.

Um.. Ludacris is widely known and respected for his unique style of bizzare mixed with some very clever rhyme and lyrics. A little like Eminem's flavour when it comes to style.

Twista - the fastest tongue in the business according to many MCs.

Master P? His money speak for himself! As for Lil Romeo, i'll let Master P's money also speak for him too hehe

Kanye West, never really liked his style, dont think he's all that... pure overhype - i'll agree with you on that.

Chingy is a one hit wonder - now he thinks he can take on the world.

The rest, i dont really know them, seen their names, but moved away from their music.

This is my input on the topic!

Well my comments ;)

Twista = fast doesnt mean good ;) when he raps he sounds so funny, that i hardly can finish listening to any of his tracks.

Master P = a cow of todays industry "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ... stupidiest rhytmes, bad raping also, what other recipient do you need to become a clown ? :)

Ludacris = as he says he is an Austin Powers of todays rap game, well he said it himself, since Austin is a biggest clown.

Wahaha you have a very funny way of looking at this man. Pure jokes 8)

Master P - "Ahhhhhhhhh" i hate that tune so much!

Yea i hate this one :) I guess Snoop did some funny track concerning this mooing in his track "WhatCha Gon Do" ... hehe, thou i got the movie with Snoop, Master P, Eastsidaz and Nate Dogg :D Master P got 10 seconds in the song !!!!