Half-Life 2 and Space Signature

Hey everyone since i love half life 2 and just wanted to make a space signature i decided to make 2 more new signatures :D tell me what you think and what i should change :D

Half-Life 2


hmm.. I don't like the 'Space' one.. it looks a bit like water...

but the Half-Life 2 is quite good :) did you create the character yourself or did you copy it from another image?

Im the opposite, i like the Space because it looks like water - fresh and bubbly.

Dont really like the Half-Life, maybe its the title being blurred. I think you messed up the bevel, it needs more work. Make that text stand out more and get rid of those very faint white horizontal lines in the backround.

Second one is the best.

going along with bio and redd ;)..

:p the first one is so. eehm :p standard? ;)

The guy with the mask is from the 1 st level i was on from the game and i should of named the second sig water or something :P thanks for the replys and suggestions :D

Well i did an update on it. Made more depth and blending contrast :D

Much better, now im happy with both :)

Maybe you just combine them? And if i need to choose, i'll choose the second one.